The Australian Remittance and Currency Providers Association (ARCPA) is carefully observing the developments in NSW, considering the instructions from the NSW health authorities, and receiving several enquiries as to whether the Currency Exchange and Remittance Providers can remain open. ARCPA understands the priorities are to keep our members, employees, clients, their families, and the community safe and healthy.
Considering the latest instructions provided by the NSW Government, ARCPA board has carefully interpreted as follows:
1. Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) definition of Financial Institutions include institutions that provide Currency Exchange and Remittance. Therefore, we may attempt to include these service providers as critical retail services that can remain open in absence of any other interpretations to the contrary.
2. Further, Currency Exchange is a service that makes value available for essential consumption by conversion, and Remittances are aiding in making values available to families in need for migrant residents.
3. Notwithstanding all these arguments, the judgement really lies with individual members, and they have to carefully consider their situations, their Local Government Area instructions and make a common-sense decision in remaining open.
4. This interpretation may not supersede any specific instructions given to you from Police, Health or Shopping Centre Management.
Please remember that ARCPA is always here to help our members, and we wish all members a safe exit from this dire pandemic situation.

Sydney Lockdown 2021